Operation Christmas Child

Start Thinking about school supplies and other items for Operation Christmas Child.  Plan now.  Think ahead! Then you will not be in a rush when it is time to wrap Operation Christmas Child Packages in November!

Want to know what to pack? Check Out This Link:

Back To NCC Sunday

You belong here. That is our message on September 23rd. We want people to know that they are welcome and loved. These may be people who have not attended church for a long time and we let them know that that is the past and today is a new day or they are simply looking for a place to plug in or this person may be someone who does not know Jesus and they may use this time to think about their life. Let’s use this opportunity to say God loves them and we love them as well.

We are having a picnic after the service and we are asking that you bring a side dish or dessert.  We will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, and beverages.  We are also asking that you bring your favorite board game and/or lawn game!

Life Chain

The Life chain will be on Sunday, October 7, from 2:30 to 3:30.

We will be having a brief prayer at NCC at 2 PM and then we are going to The Life Chain event.

If you are not able to meet at NCC at 2 PM and still want to attend, then you can meet us at the corner of Elm Road and North Atlantic NE at 2:30 PM.

The Life Chain event provides a consistent, focused witness to our community and to our nation about the dangers of abortion.  It declares that our Lord’s ways are good and don’t change!

Fellowship Dinner

Fellowship Dinner

We offer a fellowship meal on the first Sunday of each month.  This a potluck dinner, but even if you do not bring anything, you are invited to eat lunch with us and fellowship with us!

We will be taking a couple of months off in the summer so our next Fellowship Dinner will be on October 7th.  We will have a dinner following the service.



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