Announcements / Events

 Pat Hartson – August 20th

This SundayAugust 20th, Pat Hartson will be sharing about the mission work of NOAH during the Sunday School Hour and he will be preaching during the worship service. Our Fellowship Dinner will be moving to that Sunday so we can spend some time with him following the service.


Back To NCC – September 10th

Sunday, September 10th, we are celebrating Back To NCC Sunday! We welcome all of those who have not attended recently as well as those who attend every Sunday to come together and celebrate Jesus!  After the service, we will be having a fellowship dinner and continued fellowship time with one another!


Trumbull County Life Chain

 Life is very precious to God and us.  On October 1st, we show our support for life.  We, along with many other churches, stand out on Elm Road with signs prayerfully being a witness and supporting the Right to Life.  We ask you to prayerfully consider joining us on Sunday, October 1st.


Fellowship Dinner

Fellowship Dinner

We offer a fellowship meal on the first Sunday of each month.  This a potluck dinner, but even if you do not bring anything, you are invited to eat lunch with us and fellowship with us! We are taking a few months off in the summer. Our next fellowship dinner will be August 20th.


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